Samsung Galaxy S 4: Die US-Reviews im Überblick [Video]

Samsung wollte die USA mit dem Galaxy S 4 endgültig erobern und während man am Times Square das neue Flaggschiff vorgestellt hat und nun auch Review-Samples verteilt hat, schaut der Rest der Welt irgendwie dumm aus der Wäsche. Großes Kino Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S4

In den USA sind vor wenigen Stunden die Reviews der großen Blogs UND Magazine online gegangen und der Tenor ist „Evolution statt Revolution“, für viele aber ein herausragendes Smartphone. Für die meisten Medien außerhalb der USA ist es vor allem eins: Noch nicht verfügbar. Mein Sample ist insofern blutige Vorserie und eine Review wird so lange auf sich warten lassen, bis ein finales Gerät bei mir eintrudelt. Hier die US-Reviews im Überblick, lesenswert ist meiner Meinung nach insbesondere Verge und Pocketnow.

 Its laundry list of features requires time and effort to truly master, but the Galaxy S4 is the top choice for anyone looking for a big-screen, do-everything smartphone. – CNET


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is everything we expected it to be: a stellar combination of hardware and software that builds upon the already framework built by previous entries in the Galaxy lineup. [..] For many it will come down to a decision between the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, and you really can’t make a bad choice between the two. – Phonearena 


We find ourselves at an interesting junction: while our geek senses keep tingling at the thought of so many market-topping specs contained within the same chassis, we also aren’t overjoyed, per se, with excitement. The design doesn’t feel fresh, especially not next to the HTC One – Engadget


I ended my HTC One review by saying there were two Android phones worth buying, the One and the Nexus 4. That number is now very clearly three, but I had hoped against hope that Samsung would emerge the undisputed winner. The Galaxy S4 is a very good phone in most respects […] — there’s no question about that. – TheVerge


Ultimately, if you’re looking for an Android phone that performs well across the board, ticks every feature box you could possibly imagine and is available on just about every carrier on the planet, the Galaxy S4 is an easy recommendation. But this time around it’s clear Samsung has merely stacked incremental improvements – AndroidCentral


The Galaxy S4 is better in every way than one of the world’s most popular Smartphone the Galaxy S3. Sure, there are still quibbles like the plastic backing and the not so finer points of Touchwiz. But overall, there isn’t much to dislike here, especially if you are upgrading from an S3. – 9to5google


The GALAXY S 4 is a safe, capable, and solid option, and though Samsung’s flagship is perhaps no longer necessarily the best Android device on the market, it’s still a tremendously polished phone with plenty to satisfy the crowds eagerly awaiting it. – SlashGear


The Galaxy S 4 is, instead, exactly what it needs to be – and nothing more. – pocketnow


At the end of the day, it’d be foolish to think that the Galaxy S4 isn’t a top-notch phone. Where specs, performance and software innovation are concerned, the company is clearly making strides. But in playing with this phone for a while, adjusting to the new features, trying to make the most of them, and sometimes failing miserably, I keep returning to the idea of “Keep it simple, stupid.” – TechCrunch


Make no mistake about it, the Galaxy S4 is a great phone, and easily one of the best you can buy right now. You get an amazing Android experience on a big, beautiful display.

As long as you don’t mind a bunch of plastic, you’ll be perfectly happy with the Galaxy S4.  – BI


The new smartphone is thinner and faster than its predecessor, and it has innovative new ways to control and interact with the software. It also includes a myriad of sensors, more memory, the latest version of Android and software enhancements that generally do make using a smartphone better. What Samsung is doing is creating an ecosystem on the phone itself, one in which you don’t have to venture out into the Google Play badlands to find a single-purpose, gimmicky app, and it’s working.  – BGR


I know that I just spent an entire review trying to sell you on this being different than the Galaxy S3, but I couldn’t help but think time and time again over the last week that this is nothing more than a slightly bumped up version of last year’s flagship Samsung phone. – DroidLife


The S4 is far from a bad phone. In fact, were it not for the HTC One, it would be the bestAndroid phone you can buy. And one can’t help but think that had Samsung poured all of its innovation into maximizing the practical user experience—instead of highly ignorable gimmicks—it might have taken the crown. – Gizmodo